"Wine Adventure Club" Box! (Pick-up Only, Limited Available)


Brand New for Spring: 

Wine Adventure Club!

Enjoy either 4 or 12* bottles a month of wines hand-selected by our resident buyer.

This club will focus on both "typical" wines from Italy, France, and the U.S., but will also  definitely highlight "atypical" wines from lesser known wine countries such as Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Chile, etc. AND various forms of organic, biodynamic, & natural wines from all over the world. Most of your wines will be exclusive to club members and not available to anyone else. 

If you're a big fan of the funky fun that natural wines bring to the table, feel free to select the all-natural option!

PLUS, there's a Cheese Add-On! Four different cheeses a month also on the adventurous side, and meant to be paired with your wine club wines.

*NOTE: The 12 bottles a month plan is the same 4 kinds of wine as the smaller plan, but 3 of each. Regardless, the wine's you receive will be at least 15% off of their retail prices.

**Available for pick-up the first Friday of every month regardless of what date you select during checkout**